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Publig Digitalization Program

Digitalization program for companies and public organizations.

In an increasingly digitized world, it is crucial for public sector employees to stay abreast of the latest trends and technological tools to improve the efficiency and quality of the services we provide to citizens. To that end, we have designed this study tour program that offers a unique opportunity to explore first-hand the digital innovations that are transforming the public sector.

During this program, participants will have the opportunity to interact with digital technology experts, visit leading companies in the field of digitization and share experiences with other public sector professionals. From artificial intelligence to data analytics, cybersecurity to information management, a wide range of topics relevant to the digital transformation of the public sector will be explored.

The goal is to provide participants with the tools and knowledge needed to drive innovation and efficiency in their organizations. We hope that this experience will be enriching and inspire each participant to lead digital change in their respective areas of work in their home countries.

Welcome to this exciting journey towards the digitalization of the public sector!

The program consists of 30 hours of training, with these topics:


  • Impact of innovation for citizens and the Public environment. Examples of good practice, exchange of experience.
  • Visits to Public beneficiaries who are in the period of implementation of some innovative projects. Experience exchanges, study visits.
  • Innovation management regardless of the functional area from which the Organization carries it out.

Target group

The program is aimed at the following people:

  • Public workers, staff in public organizations or people working.
  • Responsible and middle management of public organizations.
  • Any Public Sector worker with high potential who wants to improve their skills.

Quality training

EBS Business School offers the highest quality to business leaders, with training oriented towards Senior Management. Its programs aim to be a reference for all those who value their time and the quality of everything they undertake.

The PDP has a methodology that combines theory and case studies. This learning model follows the EBS Business School style: ‘learning by doing’.

The modules are approached from a multiple perspective: cases, technical notes, training sessions… In addition, a good spirit of collaboration and cooperation among participants is developed during the program.


Cáceres (Spain)

Cáceres, in Extremadura, Spain, is a UNESCO World Heritage city known for its blend of medieval and Renaissance architecture. It’s near the Monfragüe Biosphere Reserve and offers rich cultural traditions and gastronomy.

Seville (Spain)

Seville, located in southern Spain, is famous for its rich Moorish heritage, flamenco dancing, and historical landmarks. Key attractions include the Alcázar Palace, the Gothic Seville Cathedral, and the Giralda bell tower.

Application for admission

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