The third day of LTTA (Learning, Teaching and Training Activities), September 13, has been full of activities, on this occasion, from the concept of talent, as was evident in the activities scheduled throughout the day.

The day began with a masterclass by Juan Francisco Sánchez Gordo, president of the Spanish Association of Mask Manufacturers, multifaceted entrepreneur, and current president of the Board of Trustees of EBS. In a very interesting session, Fran shared his experience as an entrepreneur who, after the COVID pandemic, reinvented his business until he ended up in the mask sector, first, and then in the sanitary wipes sector. The session was rounded off with many questions from LTTA participants.

After the presentations and round of questions related to the so-called ‘Training kits’ and the specific exercises of the Flavours of Europe project, the participants, after the official photograph at the Palacio de la Generala, were able to visit the Helga de Alvear Museum, an international benchmark of contemporary art.

The afternoon visit to the monumental city of Cáceres, taught and enlivened by the guide Marco Mangut, who has several awards and recognitions to his credit, concluded with a concert of music by the artist Chloe Bird, who presented some of her latest works in a concert in the heart of the monumental city of Cáceres.