The Royal Monastery of Guadalupe, in Cáceres, has been the place chosen to carry out the last sessions of the LTTA 2023 program, within the ‘Flavours of Europe’ project, funded by the Erasmus + program of the European Union.

«It is not by chance – Carlos Ongallo says – that Guadalupe has been chosen to close this meeting. The first monastic recipe books in Europe were generated in Spanish monasteries, and, as many experts say, much of European cuisine owes its first steps to Guadeloupe».

After the visit to the Monastery, with the official guides accompanied by Lorena Velasco, they have discovered the rooms of miniated books, Mudejar cloister, reliquaries, dressing room and, of course, the veneration of the image of the Virgin of Guadalupe, Queen of all the Spains, as she is known secularly, the members of the project have shared their last pending challenges.

The twenty-five participants received their diplomas accrediting the training course during a simple ceremony in the Gothic cloister of the Royal Monastery, also known as the ‘infirmary’, given the medical-pharmaceutical tradition of the monks of the Spanish Hieronymite Order. This cloister forms a unique space that centuries ago was the convent infirmary and cloister of the pharmacy.