On September 11th, the first day of the «Flavours of Europe» event, named LTTA (Learning, Teaching, and Training Activities) organized by EBS, commenced. These sessions represent a milestone in the realms of gastronomy and entrepreneurship, gathering participants from various European countries.

The inaugural lesson was delivered by Suzianne Ferreira, an expert consultant in foreign trade, under the title «The challenges of foreign trade for women entrepreneurs.» Ferreira shared her extensive knowledge on the challenges faced by women entrepreneurs in the field of international commerce, providing valuable resources to overcome these obstacles.

The second session of the program was conducted by Petyo Budakov, CEO of the Bulgarian company Budakov Films, who introduced participants to the official online learning platform of the Flavours of Europe program.

The event continued with a reception hosted by the City Hall of Cáceres, presided over by the Mayor of the city, Rafael Mateos, the Counselor for Culture and Tourism of the Junta de Extremadura, Victoria Bazaga, and Pedro Fernández, the Rector of the University of Extremadura. Together, they expressed their commitment to promoting gastronomy as an integral part of Cáceres’ and all of Europe’s culture. During his address, Professor Carlos Ongallo, the Director of EBS, emphasized the importance of gastronomy as a source of development for local entrepreneurs.

To conclude this first day, participants engaged in their first experiential activity, enjoying a wine tasting of locally produced wines, a sensory experience that highlighted the quality and diversity of local products.

«Flavours of Europe» is an enriching event that combines a passion for gastronomy with entrepreneurship and culture, marking a significant milestone for Cáceres as the European Capital of Gastronomy.